Our vision is to provide our clients with a lasting, enjoyable experience with which they learn about and witness the Tibetan life. We aim to empower Tibetan communities by hiring Tibetan tour guides, who are equipped with the cultural and language know-how to give our clients a deep understanding of Tibetan culture. We also patronize Tibetan restaurants and guest houses, and make sure to hire services directly from local nomads and farmers whenever possible. We strive to bring sustainable incomes to our local communities, organize socially responsible tours, and give back to our local communities by supporting local non-profit and charity projects.


The trip was definitely magical! The Kailash kora was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure but it was our drives and treks around the remotest areas, bumping into nomads and shepherds along the way, that blew my mind. What an incredible place. The proper coffee was an added bonus - such small things that bring a taste of home can make the whole experience much more comfortable. I hope fate brings me back to Tibet one day, in which case I'll most definitely write you. 

       Brendan Hoffman | Photographer from National Geography / Nov 1, 2019

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