Trola Pass
Trola Pass

Trola Range near Derge County, Sichuan

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Khampa town
Khampa town

A panoramic image of Karze town in Kham, Sichuan

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Ngadra Gongri
Ngadra Gongri

Enjoying the mountain view during Karmo Taktsang Trek, Sichuan

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Trola Pass
Trola Pass

Trola Range near Derge County, Sichuan

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Our vision is to provide our clients with a lasting, enjoyable experience with which they learn about and witness the Tibetan life. We aim to empower Tibetan communities by hiring Tibetan tour guides, who are equipped with the cultural and language know-how to give our clients a deep understanding of Tibetan culture. We also patronize Tibetan restaurants and guest houses, and make sure to hire services directly from local nomads and farmers whenever possible. We strive to bring sustainable incomes to our local communities, organize socially responsible tours, and give back to our local communities by supporting local non-profit and charity projects.


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We had an amazing time in Western Sichuan with Tibetan Connection. The feel is extremely authentic and we had the chance to experience local customs from up close. Derge is really interesting and it does feel like a privilege to be there. The route to reach this area is scenic and well worth the hours spent in the car. The trekking is set in a beautiful mountain area with green pastureland and snow mountains in the distance. Tibetan Connection can really upgrade your trekking experience to the next level: each day is planned in detail and camping is made easier by using high-performance tents and tasty dinners cooked on the spot. Overall it has been a highly recommended adventure we hope all mountain lovers will choose to experience!!
Flavia Cusaro,Simone Ciampi/ June 28,2021


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Tibetan plateau gives you many opportunities doing great trekking , biking and camping in the mountains 

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Shaman's festival

This trip leads you to do two days of light trekking through a Tibetan farming region in Xunhua and combine with an ancient shamanist ritual



​Kayaking through some of the rich Tibetan nomadic regions in Qinghai. Camping with nomads

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Horse trek

You can visit some of the untouched regions by horses, set picnics on the rugged grasslands, Enjoy coffee with fresh air and mountain views 

Camp Fire


If you are passing by Qinghai, camping should be on your MUST-DO list.


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