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Tibetan Buddhist monks in Labrang monastery

Buddh statue at Tianti Temple .jpeg

Buddha's statue on the Southern Silk Road

Kumarajeva Statue_edited.jpg

The rainbow mountain in Zhangye

Statue of Kumajajiva

Hexie Corridor on the silk road 

Statue os Kumarajiva

​The Hexi (west of the river), Corridor is a long, narrow passage stretching for more than 1,000 kilometers from the steep Wushaolin hillside near the modern city of Lanzhou to the Jade Gate at the border of Gansu and Xinjiang. It is an open plain, flat and fertile, flanked between the much more elevated and inhospitable terrains of the Mongolian and Tibetan Plateaus. One of the most important trade routes on the silk road,  linking China proper to the historic Western Regions for traders and military incursions into Central Asia. Therefore not surprisingly had been taken in rotation by the Xiongnu, Yuezhi, Huangs, Tibetans, Chinese, and Mongolians in history.


This 10 days trip will take you to see the hight lands of Tibetan in Gansu and Qinghai, visiting Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, retreats centers, Camping on the rolling grasslands, Finally enter into an extraordinarily dynamic land on the silk road, multifaceted relationship between the people of central Asia and the states of sedentary cultures at the peripheries, such as those of China, North India and Iran, and the Roman and Byzantine empires.  These contacts involved both active trading and political and military conflicts, the migration of peoples, and the diffusion of religions and artistic styles.

Trip Summary


“6 days in the Tibetan regions of Qinghai AND Gansu, 4 days on the Silk Road ”


The trip starts and ends: Starts from Lanzhou, ends in Dunhuang of Gansu Province.

 Lodging: Hotels/hostel, local guesthouses with hot shower, western-style toilet.

Guide:  One of our experienced tour leaders and cultural specialist.

Transportation: Tourist minivan or 4WD cars (depending on the size of group)



Great trip for young student explorers, as well as people who are keen to learn about the cultural and historical contacts of different civilizations.


Great trip to witness the transmission of Buddhism from India, China, and Tibet, and to the early and later eras of Buddhism have made the imprints of different styles in the sculptures, murals, and architectures.


Great trip to visit the ruins of Great Wall and the entrance-guiding forts, as well as the si

es of the militant clashes and diplomatic negotiations.


Trip Itinerary

Day 01. Arrive in Lanzhou

You will be received by our team, Drive to Lanzhou.  Short city tour and hunt for street food.
Driving hours: 1
Average altitude: 1,500m

Day 02. Lanzhou – Labrang (Chin: Xiao He). 

Arrive in Labrang before noon. Lunch in town. Afternoon, visit Labrang monastery. After visiting this great monastery, take a kora around the monastery with local pilgrims. Overnight in Labrang.
Driving hours:  2-3
Average altitude: 2,900m

Day 03. Labrang – Rebkong – Khamra National Park – Guide

Leave Labrang after breakfast to Guide via Gan-gya grassland. We will prepare a picnic lunch at the park before climbing to the  Namzong Tse hermitage.  Drive to Guide along the yellow river. Overnight in Guide
Driving hours: 4-5
Average altitude: 2,200m

Day 04. Guide – Longyang Gorge – Erthi Village – Chabrang Camping

We leave at 8.30 am. It is going to be 4-5 hour long scenic driving. Arrive in Chabcha at noon. Lunch in Chabcha town. Drive to Erthi village for camping, we will visit local Tibetan homes and enjoy dinner at the camp with a bonfire and red wine. 
Driving hour: 3
Average altitude: 3,000m

Day 05. Camping – Qinghai Lake – Xining. 

Our team will prepare breakfast at the campsite, after breakfast, we will drive toward Qinghai Lake. View the lake from Shala Pass where you can get a great panoramic view of the entire lake. Then drive to Xining. 

Driving hours: 2-3

Average altitude: 2,500m

Day 06. Xining- Dolha Pass – Matisi

We leave early morning toward Zhangye via Dolha mountain (Chin: Qi Lian Shan). Stop at Matisi. Overnight in Zhangye.
Driving hours: 3-4

Average altitude: 1,500m

Day 07. Zhangye – Danxia Rainbow Mountain

We will visit the Giant Buddha temple, which is located right center of the city. After visiting this site, we will drive another hour to Zhangye Danxia rainbow mountain park. Overnight Danxia Town.

Driving hours: 2

Average altitude: 1,200m

Day 08. Danxia-Jiayuguan 

we will drive to Jiayuguan. We will have lunch in the town. In the afternoon, we will visit Jiayu Guan fort and the overhanging great wall. Overnight in Jiayuguan.

Driving hours: 2

Average altitude: 1,200m

Day 09. Jiayuguan – Dunhuang – Maogo Caves

We will drive to Dunhuang. This is 2-hour of highway driving. Arrive in Dunhuang at noon. Afternoon, we will visit Maogo Caves.

Driving hours: 1

Average altitude: 1,200m

Day 10. Mingshan Crescent Lake- Flyout

Morning, we will visit Mingshan, After lunch, drive to Dunhuang airport and fly out.

Driving hours: 1

Average altitude : 1,200m

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