Passing Dolma La pass during Kailash trek

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Shamans demonstrating their druming ritual   

Shaman's Festival Tour + light Trek
Location: Qinghai
Travel duration: 7 days ( In & Out )

This trip features a close experience with the local life, rituals and Buddhist arts.  It begins with a  light trekking through the Tibetan village landscapes and camping in the mountains, from the eastern borderland where multi ethnicities reside together, and going westward and elevating gradually to the heartland of Tibetan Buddhist arts. At the end of the trekking road, we will arrive to witness an ancient shamanist ritual taking place in late July. We will then attend a workshop on the Thangkha painting, which is the most effective form of arts utilized in Tibetan Buddhism for worship,teaching and meditation. In the workshop, the monk artisan will talk about the views, theories and instruments, as well as the different traditions and appreciation of this art form. We will get hands-on to paint. For the evenings we will stay with the Tibetan families, enjoying the local foods, visiting the village temples.

Zongsar valley

Meyshuk valley

Dzongsar Trek
Location: Qinghai-Sichuan
Travel duration: 12 days

What so special about this trip, is not just lead you to see natural beauty. The area is a cultural center, with the prominent century-old religious institutions and the handicraft arts which are kept well and still very vibrant today. We will stay with the villagers or a local-run hostel. Tibetan black pottery making, carpet weaving, incense making, wood carving, Thangka painting. Trek to Nga-dra gongri mountains, and enjoy camping at Dupu valley and picnic at Serlingtso Lake where you can get a great view of the Nga-dra Gongri.

Buddha image in DH

Old Buddha's statues at Dunhuang logo Caves

Silk Road & Tibet
Location: Gansu,Tibet
Travel Duration: 
7 days on the Silk Road 8 days in Tibet

Spending first half of the trip on the northern Silk Road will give you not only a rich cultural experience, but also the chance to acclimatize for the second half of the trip to Tibet. You'll take the Qinghai-Tibet railway from Gulmud.  Your following trip will consist of a string of magnificent cultural and religious sites in Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Sakya. Sakya lineage has been the primary force that once unified a scattered Tibet 


Picnicking during trek

Karang Trek
Location: Qinghai
Travel duration: 5 days

 Great trip for TALENTED TRAVELERS and explorers, as well as people who are keen to looking for enjoyable trek and Tibetan cultural and historical contacts of different Buddhist schools​. This was the Most highlighted trek in 2020. This trek will take to visit some of the traditional Tibetan faming villages, visit remote Buddhist retreats. camping near the nomadic camps.