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Dharma Raja Cham Dancer at Mago Tsang Monastery in Rebkong

Tibetan New Year Festival Tour

This itinerary covers primarily the eastern part of Tibet in Amdo region. It will take you to observe the Tibetan new year festivals and rituals in over dozen monasteries and surrounding 
villages,  across six counties and three provinces.
It's not to merely drive a long way through many sites. The string of the monasteries are carefully chosen to showcase the diversity represented

in different religious traditions, as well as in each locality with predominant pastureland, farming or forestry landscapes. 

The highest peak of the Mt Mi Nyak Gongkar

Mt Mi-Nyak Gongkar Trek

Coming soon.... 

Old Buddha's statues at Dunhuang logo Caves

Silk Road & Tibet

Spending first half of the trip on the northern Silk Road will give you not only a rich cultural experience, but also the chance to acclimatize for the second half of the trip to Tibet. You'll take the Qinghai-Tibet railway from Gulmud.  Your following trip will consist of a string of magnificent cultural and religious sites in Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Sakya. Sakya lineage has been the primary force that once unified a scattered Tibet 

Mountain climbers on the way to reach the highest peak of Mt Yuzhu Feng 

Mt Yudruk (You Zhu Feng)Climbing

Coming soon 

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