Amdo and Nomads

This is a great trip to Amdo for its endless nomadic pastures and snow mountains. You will visit some of the hidden nomadic tribes and the less traveled terrains, camping next with nomads' tents and share tea and yogurt. It will also cover ancient Buddhist and Bon monasteries.This itinerary can be extended with THE GREAT KHAM tour or any other of our Tibet destinations.


Day 01
Meet you in Xining (Tib: ཟི་ལིང་། Chin:Xi Ning).
Day 02
Xining - Qinghai Lake (Tib: མཚོ་སྔོན་པོ། Chin: Qing Hai Hu)- Chabcha (Tib: ཆབ་ཆ། Chin: Gong He)
Day 03
Chabcha - Amnye Machen Mountain -  Machen (Tib: རྨ་ཆེན། Chin: Ma Qing)
Day 04
Machen - Darleg (Tib: དར་ལག Chin: Da Ri) - Hongkhor
Day 05

Experience nomadic life. Camping with nomads.
Day 06
Current location - Palyu (Tib: དཔལ་ཡུལ། Chin: Bai Yu)  - Jigdril (Tib: གཅིག་སྒྲིལ། Chin: Jiu Zhi)
Day 07
Jigdril - Ngawa (་Tib: རྔ་བ།  Chin: A Ba)
Day 08
Ngawa - Chongchu (Tib: ཁྱུང་ཆུ། Chin: Hong Yuan ) - Dzorge (Tib: མཛོ་དགེ Chin: Ruo Er Gai) - Taktsang Lhamu (Tib: སྟག་ཚང་ལྷ་མོ། Chin: Lang Mu Si)
Day 09
Tour around the Taktsang Lhamu
Day 10
Taktsang Lhamu - Labrang (Tib: གསང་ཆུ། Chin: Xia He)

Tour round Labrang
Day 11
Labrang  - Rebkong (Tib: རེབ་གོང་། Chin: Tong Ren)
Day 12
Tour around Rebkong
Day 13
Rebkong - Shachong Monaster (Tib: བྱ་ཁྱུང་།) - Xining
Day 14
Visit Tibetan Culture Museum. Fly out. Trip ends.