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If you're seeking an adventure that will immerse you in the heart of the Tibetan plateau, we highly recommend our collection of treks. Among them, this particular trek stands out as an exceptional choice. With a variety of options to choose from, we promise an unforgettable journey through some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet.

Mountain Range

Minyak Gongkar is a captivating mountain range located in the eastern part of Tibet Plateau, renowned for its fascinating natural beauty and popularity among trekkers, making it one of the most sought-after trekking destinations in China. The range is home to Mountain Minyak, which stands tall at 7556 meters and is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province. Additionally, it holds great cultural significance as a sacred site for the Minyak Tribes.

Tour Program

Day 01
Start your adventure from Chengdu in the morning and drive for about 6 hours from the Chengdu plain into the mountains. a couple of stops for lunch and screeching out legs. Arrive in Tsoka village  in the afternoon and check into your hotel. There is an optional hot spring available in the village that you can enjoy after dinner. 
Overnight in Tsoka village. 
Day 02
Embark on a thrilling adventure to Jiebeishi, the last village in the valley leading to the south of Minya Konka Reserve. The area boasts diverse species of plants and wild, making it a natural and beautiful place. The walk starts at the ranger post by the car park and covers around 15km, taking approximately 7-8 hours from 3000m to 3200m. You will spend the night in a local Tibetan guesthouse, where the shared room is basic with no modern conveniences. Optionally, we can also camp here for the night.
Day 03
After a warm breakfast with coffee and tea, our team will pack all the necessary gear and food for the day's journey. As you begin your walk, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of Mt. Minya Konka, the highest mountain in the Hengduan range and the highest of Sichuan Province at 7556 meters. Take some time to visit the Minyak Gompa Monastery and climb up to a higher point of the monastery to view the mountains. Enjoy our sunset evening when it turns into a golden color. We camp near the monastery.
Day 04
If you're up for an exciting challenge, today's trek to Gongga Base Camp is just what you need. The full day itinerary includes a trek to the base camp of Minya Konka, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. While the trail may be rocky and steep in some areas, the stunning vistas make it a worthwhile endeavor. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including ibes and red pandas. Don't forget to bring your walking poles and be prepared for your boots to get a little dirty.
Day 05
On the third day of your trek, you will leave the monastery in the morning and retrace the track you walked two days ago. The trek will end in Tsemey Village, where you will use a local car to transfer to Shanmujuk. During the drive, you will catch panoramic views of Minyak Gongkar at Tsemey Pass. After arriving in Shangmujuk, you will need to switch cars and drive for another 40 minutes to the base of Langgatso Lake. In the afternoon, you will start to walk to Langgatso, a lake that is 3.5km away from the car park. Horse-riding is available by Langgatso, and it is a popular adventure hike. After a short stay by the lake, you will walk back to the base and drive to tonight's overnight place in Shangmujuk.
Day 06
You will embark on the most challenging yet rewarding leg of your journey. Commencing from your guesthouse, you will trek up to the picturesque turquoise lakes situated behind the village at an elevation of 4550 meters. While the final ascent is steep, the breathtaking views from the lake make it a worthwhile endeavor. From the lake, you will be able to witness the full range of Minyak Gongkar Mountains.The total walking distance is 16km, with a challenging pace, spanning between 3750m and 4550m. You will spend the night in a shared bunk or possibly we cam camp.
Day 07
You will be driving back to Chengdu. The journey will take approximately 8-9 hours, with a lunch break halfway through. Arrive in Chengdu. Shower and dinner.

Chongja Camping

Our full board package tour offers an advanced and challenging trek, ideal for those seeking an unforgettable adventure. From June-Sept, witness the highest point of Mountain Minyak Gongkar and breathtaking valleys with rivers, lakes, and forests. Our team provides delicious meals, including breakfast with eggs, toast, yogurt with homemade muesli, and coffee or tea, and dinner with pasta, veggie soup, and cooked lentils. We also offer packed lunches with energy bars, fresh apples, and dried high-protein nuts. In the evening, enjoy red wine with Yak Gruyere. We provide all necessary camping equipment, including air-pillows, and can offer spare gear upon request. Join us for an exceptional experience.


Our group travel package starts at just $1680 per person, with a maximum group size of 6 people. 

Things that we prepare for the trek.

  • Toilet papers.

  • Wet tissue.

  • Hand sanitiser.

  • Quick-dry hand tower.

  • Full camping equipment:

  • Tents.

  • Air mattresses for each person.

  • Air pillow for each person.

  • Camping lamps.

  • Dining sets (table and chairs).

  • Dining tent

  • Toilet tent.

  • All cooking equipment.

  • Plates, cups, bowls, spoons, forks, tissues.

Things that you need to prepare for the trek.


  • Cap/hat (covers neck and face from Sun).

  • Outdoor water-proof jacket.

  • Fleece (for morning and evening temperature / 10c-15c).

  • T-shirts, two (at least one long-sleeve for protection from Sun).

  • Quick-dry trousers.

  • Raincoat.

  • Trekking boots (waterproof is the best option. If it’s brand new, pls wear them and get used).

  • 8. Cotton socks, two pairs.

  • Backpack, 20-25L (for your daily items, raincoat, packed lunch, water bottle, backpack rain cover).

  • Walking stick (1 for experienced trekker; 2 for beginner).

  • Water bottle (pls bring 1 or 2. We will fill the water one time before the trekking each morning and carry it by us).

  • Sunblock (SPF50+, PA+++).

  • Lipstick for sunscreen and moisture.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Headlamp (for your personal use. We provide the camping lamp for each tent).

  • Camera, and extra batteries for camera (no electricity during the trek).

  • Power bank for your cell phone charges.10. Sleeping bag.

Price includes.

  • Full board camping service for the whole trekking period.

  • Guide and camping staff.

  • Cook and kitchen staff.

  • Porters with the camping equipment.

  • All staff and porters’ insurance.

  • Restricted area trekking permit.

  • Transportation 

  • All meals.

  • Hotel & guest house.

  • Staff, porters, and equipment transportation from DAY 06-11.

  • Oxygen cylinder with mask and regulator for emergency use.

  • Hotel reservation.

  • Travel agency service surcharge

  • Personal entrance fee for any sight on the tour ( payable on the spot )

Price does not include.

  • All kind of beverages.

  • Personal trekking gear.

  • Staffs tips.

  • Airfare, airport tax, any train fare

Food during trip and trek

Food on the trip we will be testing Chinese and Tibetan cuisine, as well as some simple snacks and refreshments to keep us going throughout our travels.

During our trek, we will be preparing our own breakfast and dinner.

For breakfast, we will be enjoying fresh coffee, tea, bread, eggs, Dril (female yak) cheese, and jams. This will provide us with the energy and sustenance needed to tackle the day's challenges.
Lunch will be a packed meal, there will sandwiches, fresh fruits, dried nuts and energy bars. Allowing us to continue our journey without the need for frequent stops.
For dinner, we will be enjoying red wine and Gruyee, include a variety of dishes, such as rice with mixed vegetables, pasta, and quinoa with lentils,  This will provide us with a delicious and satisfying end to our day.  

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