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About US

Tibetan Connections is a locally operated tour company run entirely by Tibetan travel expertise.  We are committed to offer you the best experience of Tibet possible.  We pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service and work hard to ensure you enjoy your journey in this breathtaking land. Our staff are experienced travel operators and guides who have not only worked in the Tibet travel industry for many years but also received the training in tourism, safety, and customer satisfaction both in China and internationally.  In accord with client preferences, our staff has led  numerous luxury, budget, and adventure tours on the plateau for the past 20 years. Whether or not you decide to travel with us, we are happy to offer free and accurate information regarding all aspects of travel on the Tibetan Plateau and western China. 

We welcome all inquiries by phone, e-mail, or in person at our office.

Tashi Phuntok

Tashi Phuntsok

Manager of Tibetan Connections
Photographer, tour leader


Manla Kyi

Travel blogger and writer

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Marketing manager

Meet Our Team



Mountain climbing tour leader



Special tour leader of  culture and history in central and western Tibet



Driver team leader with jolly sense of humor


    Tashi Phuntsok is the co-founder of the Tibetan Connections and has been working as a travel agent and guide since the late 1990s, specializing in tours throughout the Tibetan regions and neighbouring ethnic regions in the western part of China. He spent his childhood as a Buddhist monk in Tibet and later he went to India to continue his study where he studied English. Since he returned home, he has been travelling, discovering, and finding new travel destinations to share with international travellers.

He has worked with many foreign organizations including National Geographic, etc. and the authors of travel books such as " Eastern Tibet, The history of Central Asia" and the Lonely Planet.

      Since 2014, he also has been arranging explorational trips for Motor companies including BMW and Volkswagen.  In 2016 he led a Volkswagen team and completed the world record of challenge by driving JETTA throughout the KEKEXILI region (average elevation: Over 4500m/13,500ft, highest point 5300m).

     He sees himself as a traveller and explorer and is very passionate about the land and culture. Among many services he and his team can offer, they are particularly experienced in high-altitude trekking and camping, as well as the cultural appreciations of the grottos and caves along the southern Silk Road, as well as the monasteries and retreat areas of Tibet.

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