Our feedback:


This is our second time travelling with Tibetan connections and we weren't disappointed. Everything was arranged smoothly and Tashi was accommodating with our requests. Lhakdon was a very helpful and informative guide in Lhasa. She paced the trip to suit the various age of the people in our group. We had lots of fun during the trip! Thanks for everything :))

      Sandra Xu, Singapore / June 16, 2019

A short testimonial:


I asked for a trip to cover 5 or 6 days in Amdo, including a homestay; then the train to Lhasa with a similar period there. Tashi proposed an itinerary that met my request, and then all the arrangements, together with the random serendipitous events of a personal tour, exceeded my hopes! Tashi's wide experience is invaluable for getting off the beaten track. I strongly recommend getting a different perspective on Tibet in Amdo (and acclimatising to altitude there) before going on to TAR. I had a wonderful (and thought-provoking) time -- thanks!


     Inman Harvey, Great Britain / July 22,  2019

Please feel free to use this review below:

Tibetan Connections were super-helpful when I needed some advice and information about trekking in Xining. They provided me with all the details I needed to have a great trip even though they were busy at the time. Much appreciated again guys!"




       Thomas Murray / Oct 17, 2019

The trip was definitely magical! The Kailash kora was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure but it was our drives and treks around the remotest areas, bumping into nomads and shepherds along the way, that blew my mind. What an incredible place. The proper coffee was an added bonus - such small things that bring a taste of home can make the whole experience much more comfortable. I hope fate brings me back to Tibet one day, in which case I'll most definitely write you. 

       Brendan Hoffman | Photographer from National Geography / Nov 1, 2019

Hi! Yes our trip was amazing thanks! We had a great time, beautiful landscape. And Lobsang was great as well thanks.

If I have to give you a feedback, it would be maybe to send a map of the trip when you send the itinerary proposition. It makes the tour more concret and better to visualize for the client

  Coralie Segonne / June 29, 2020 

The Karang Trek is an excellent opportunity to visit, at a slow pace, a barely touched mountain area not far from Xining. The trek itself is fairly easy and not demanding, compared to other treks in the area, but still it offers dramatic views and amazing camping sites. Tibetan Connections organized our trek perfectly, adjusting it to our requests and going even beyond expectations. It was our second time in Amdo Tibet with Tibetan Connections and it was totally worth it. Highly recommended!


Thank you!!
   Flavia Cusaro,Simone Ciampi/ July 06,2020


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