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                                                                                       Terms and Conditions


(Note: The term “client” is used below to indicate individual travelers, travel groups, and/or travel agencies liaising with Tibetan Connections (TC) on behalf of travelers and tour groups.)

  • The client is requested to finalize and confirm his/her trip at least one month prior to travel.

  • After finalizing his/her itinerary with TC, the client is requested to send the following information or

    documents in order to confirm his/her trip:

    • Passport number

    • Date of birth

    • Occupation

    • Photocopy of passport picture page

    • Photocopy of Chinese visa

    • Emergency phone number in the client’s resident country.
      (In the rare event of an emergency, this phone number will allow us to contact your relatives or friends. We will not share your personal information with any external individuals, companies, or organizations.)

    • Deposit
      (The client is required to send 30% of the total trip cost as deposit at the time of confirmation.)

  • After paying a deposit of 30% at the time of confirmation, the client is requested to pay the remaining 70% upon arrival on arrival day (Day 1 of the trip). We are able to accept payment in the form of cash, bank transfer, or Western Union.

  • If for any reason the client prefers not to carry a lot of cash on his/her person, we can accept the entire trip fee in a single installment at the time of confirmation.

  • If the client wishes to postpone his/her trip and informs TC at least one week before arrival day (Day 1 of the trip), the deposit will not be returned but may be used as a deposit for the same or altered trip at a later date. Please note that in the case of postponement, TC cannot ensure trip costs will remain the same, as prices change depending on the time of year.

  • If for personal, scheduling, or other reasons the client cancels his/her trip prior to arrival day (Day 1 of the trip), the deposit will not be returned. However, if the entire trip fees were paid in one installment at the time of confirmation, cancellation prior to arrival day (Day 1 of the trip) will result in a 70% reimbursement of trip fees.

  • If the trip must end early or be canceled on or after arrival day (Day 1 of the trip) due to health problems, altitude sickness, natural disasters, or any other similar reason, neither the deposit nor any other portion of the trip fees will be returned to the client. However, if the trip must end early or be canceled due to political unrest or unforeseen governmental restrictions that cannot be compensated for by alternate arrangements, all trip fees minus both the deposit and fees for the days already traveled will be returned to the client.

  • As a result of the politically sensitive nature of recent events on the Tibetan plateau, government regulations preventing non-Chinese nationals and individuals who are not local residents from entering certain areas are occasionally and temporarily instituted. Such regulations are not generally publicized prior to implementation. TC will make every effort to learn of any such regulations prior to travel and while fixing the itinerary with the client. However, in the case of unforeseen inability to enter a location listed on the client’s itinerary, TC will alter the travel route by choosing alternative travel locations. We will to the best of our ability ensure the client remains satisfied with his/her trip.

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