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Silk Road

It's a classical week-long trip to explore the Silk Road, starting from Lanzhou and departure from Donghuang. It's a great tour for families or individuals interested in the religious and cultural history of this bridging area. You will find the ancient temples of over 1600 years with caves, murals and sculptures, the great walls and the towering fortress of Jiayuguan. The area is beautiful with the land forms of snow-capped mountains, colorful rocks, forestry, pastureland and oasis desert.


Day 01 
Arrive in Lanzhou. Meet your local guide and transport to your hotel at the heart of old city. Short city tour with your guide.

Day 02
Visit Gansu Provincial Museum. After noon, drive to Wuwei.
Day 03
Visit White Pagodas and  Sky Ladder Caves (Chin: Tian Ti Shan Shi Ku)

Day 04
Drive to Zhangye. Visit Mati monastery and Giant Buddha or Sleeping Buddha.
Day 05
Drive to Rainbow mountains (Chin: Dan Xia), enroute  to Jiayuguan. Visit the Overhanging Great Wall.

Day 06
Drive to Yuling Caves. and then to Dunhuang. City tour.

Day 07
Morning visit Mogao Caves and after noon visit Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake
Day 08
Fly out, tour ends.

Let us know if you may wish to extend your trip to the neighboring Tibetan region, which is only a few hours away by car crossing the Mt Qilian range.
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