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Since 2001, from Serlong valley in Qinghai Tibetan Plateau above 4000 meters, we are the only company which makes the yak cheese with over 20 years of experience, combining the old European way and the best yak milk.

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First in 2004, then in 2006, it was tasted and showcased in Salone Del Gusto in Italy. Again in 2006, it was presented at the Tibetan Yak Cheese Week in New York. It was featured and reviewed by the New York Magazine’s Grubstreet, Culture Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, and New York Times. And the recipes using this yak milk cheese were created by the local chefs of New York. Recently in March 2020, it has received Third Place in Open Class in the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest (Wisconsin, USA), among over 3667 entries from around the world.

The yaks graze on highland pastures with nearly zero pollution in the air, grassland, and water. A female yak only produces about 2 pounds of milk each day for sale, but it is twice as rich as cow’s milk. The yak milk and the cheese contain many nutrients, bioactive compounds, and healthful fatty acid composition. This nutritious milk is only available during the summer months.
What does the cheese taste like? 

The Snowland Treasure cheese is semi-hard, resembling Gruyere, with a mild and nutty aroma and a slightly granular texture. The yak cheese goes well with most wines. It is very nice to nibble with the pears and apples. Or layered in a sandwich. Baked in a casserole or in a quiche. Shredded and toss as a Parmesan.

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