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Do & Kham Discovery

Do Kham refers to the vast region outside of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Tibetan inhabited land in Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. This particular itinerary will allow you to see a diversity of Tibetan religious and folk culture. you will spend sometime to see the nomadic way of life on their summer pastures and the snow mountains of Amdo. Then decent into the narrow gorges with farms and log houses of Kham. The trip will cover the prominent Buddhist monasteries / institutes of different traditions and lineages, and bring you to century-old Derge Pharkhang (Printing House) where the traditional techniques of paper-making, carving and printing are still applied to this day.


Day 01
Meet you in Xining (Tib: ཟི་ལིང་། Chin: Xi Ning).
Day 02
Xining Shachong Monastery (Tib: བྱ་ཁྱུང་། Chin: Xia Qiong) - Rebkong (Tib: རེབ་གོང་། Chin: Tong Ren)
Day 03
Rebkong - Labrang (Tib: གསང་ཆུ། Chin: Xia He) via Ganja Grassland
Day 04
Tour around Larbang
Day 05

Labrang - Taktsang Lhamu (Tib: སྟག་ཚང་ལྷ་མོ། Chin: Lang Mu Si)
Day 06
Taktsang Lhamu - Machu (Tib: རྨ་ཆུ། Chin: Ma Qu) - Jigdril (Tib: གཅིག་སྒྲིལ། Chin: Jiu Zhi)
Day 07
Jigdril - Machen ( Tib: རྨ་ཆེན། Chin: Ma Qin)
Day 08
Machen - Amnye Machen Mountains - Mato (Tim: རྨ་སྟོད Chin: Ma Duo) - Shewu (Tib: ཞེའུ། Chin: Xie Wu) - Yushu(Tib: སྐྱེ་དགུ།)
Day 09
Tour around Yushu
Day 10
Yushu - Sershul (Tib: སེར་ཤུལ། Chin: Shi Qu). Visit Nomads and monasteries.
Day 11
Sershu - Zogchen Monastery (Tib: རྫོགས་ཆེན་དགོན། ) - Mani Gago (Tib: མ་ནི་གད་མགོ) -  Yulong Lhatso Lake(Tib: གཡུ་ལུང་ལྷ་མཚོ།) - Derge (Tib: སྡེ་དགེ)
Day 12
Tour around Derge
Day 13
Derge - Dzongsar (Tib: རྫོང་གསར། Chin: Zong Sha)
Day 14
Tour around Dzongsar
Day 15
Dzongsar -  Palyu (Tib: དཔལ་ཡུལ། Chin: Bai Yu) - Karze (Tib: དཀར་མཛེས། Chin: Gan Zi)
Day 16
Karze - Drago (Tib: བྲག་མགོ། Chin: Luo Hu)
Day 17
Drago - Parmey (Tib: བར་སྨད། Chin: Ba Mei) - Dartsedo (Tib: དར་རྩེ་མདོ། Chin: Kang Ding)

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