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Camping is among the most faved activities by our customers, along with other things such as hiking, picnic and horse riding, because naturally Tibet is a great place for camping. 


Usually our traveller would like to camp for one day or two at least during a trekking trip, or a must-do component in a travel program that has more activities

We provide all camping facilities and full-board service, at the locations that are scenic and safe. Bon fire, hot soup, village bread, freshly made momo (steamed dumplings), pastas, scrambled eggs, coffee and tea, wine and yak cheese, we know what makes camping reeeally nice!

Why we do camping in Tibet?

Camping is an essential part of Tibetan life. For the nomads, or the farmers who also raise animals, camping and camp-moving is a very ordinary practice. We would like to provide you with this experience, although with modern facilities. 

If you are looking for a more relaxed camping experience, we have a trip that takes place in the areas with mild elevation (2600m above sea level), pleasant weather of relatively lower valleys, and a great view of the grassland and lake. 

If you would like to take the challenge of a hard-core plateau trekking and camping experience, our trip to Mt. Amney Machen probably is more attacking to you. Camp site at the elevation of 4100m with the view of snow mountain, will be worthy every bit of your time.

Can we do camping and other cultural tour or trekking in one trip ?  

Tibetan Connections has organized the private small group-tours throughout the Tibetan and Silk Road regions for more then twenty years. We tailor-make for our customers according to your preferences and timeframe. Below is an itinerary for two of our highly rated camping sites -- one near Qinghai lake and another one next to the holy mountain Amney Machen (one of the most important holy site across Tibet). But bear in mind that Tibetan region in general is very suitable for camping and people camp a lot. So we have more great selection of camping sites. Almost all routes you choose, we can arrange a camping night for you. 


For a more exclusive plan, you and your group could have the options of a variety of activities. Wether you'd like an outdoor trip that essentially composed of hiking / trekking and camping, or you'd like to see more and add in a day of camping, we can organize according to your needs. 


In the past we have organized many trips that have a combination of trekking, camping, homestay, cultural tours in monasteries, museums and arts workshops, professional photography trip etc. 

Trip summary 

Most of the camping trips are one week long including in/out. These trips will start from and end in Xining city in Qinghai province where we have more great sites for camping. The trip itineraries we give you below are two of our most faved routes, and we can design other camping trips in the region of your destination.


These two trips give you more access to the nature. The first one Shala camping trip is located in a relatively low area with easy access of the towns.  While the Amnye Machen camping trip is in further southwestern higher mountain area, and it makes a great location for meditation. You wake up in the morning to the sounds of the nature -- birds, water, and wind. 

Easy and enjoyable

Trip level


Itineraries and trip cost details

Shala camping trip:
Day 01. 

Arrive in Xining. Orientation dinner at local Tibetan restaurant. 

Day 02-03

Road trip. Visiting local family. Tea and coffee with your local family.

Day 04-05
Camping, light trek, picnicking.

Day 06-07

Visiting sites.  Fly back home 


$ 840 per person (group booking minimum 4 people )

$ 1120 per person (individual booking  )

The best season for this trip
May through Oct

Amnye Machen camping trip:

Day 01. 

Arrive in Xining. Orientation dinner at local Tibetan restaurant. 

Day 02-03

Road trip. Visiting Tibetan nomads in the deep part of the high mountains. 

Day 04-05
Camping, light trek, picnicking.

Day 06-07

Visiting sites.  Fly back home 


$ 1180 per person (group booking minimum 4 people )

$ 1280 per person (single booking  )

The best season for this trip
June through Sept

Gears includes

  1. Tent

  2. Mattress

  3. Lamp

  4. Dining set

  5. Table

  6. Chair

  7. Horse & Saddles

  8. Horse bag

  9. Helmet

Price includes

  1. Accommodations

  2. Meals

  3. Tour guide

  4. Vehicles and drivers

Price does not include

  1. Travel insurance

  2. Entry fees for site visits

  3. Air and train tickets

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