Dokog valley

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

Dokog valley
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Karma Taktsang Trek

Discover the fascinating territory of Kham

Dupu Valley

One of our camping sites during the trek


This trip will allow you to see the great Kham Tibet, which is currently situated in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. This 10-day of breathtaking trip will take you to discover some of the most fascinating places in the far western part of Sichuan. It includes 4 days of challenging trekking from 3,600m/10,800f to 4,600m/13,800f and 3 nights of camping in the mountains.  it is particularly designed for advanced trekkers.



Departing from the bustling city of Chengdu, crossing the historical borderland of China and Tibet along the river of Daduhe, ascending southwest bound, you will reach the Kham Tibet.


The landscape features the beautiful snow-capped mountains, forestry, sparkling waters running through, nomads’ pastureland, fields of barley,

and colorful wooden houses.


The area is a cultural center, with prominent century-old religious institutions and handicraft arts which are kept well and still very vibrant today.

The holy retreat is a hidden hermitage on Mt. Mela, home to nearly 1000 nuns and monks.



"We had an amazing time in Western Sichuan with Tibetan Connection. The feel is extremely authentic and we had the chance to experience local customs from up close. The trekking is set in a beautiful mountain area with green pastureland and snow mountains in the distance. Tibetan Connection can really upgrade your trekking experience to the next level: each day is planned in detail and camping is made easier by using high-performance tents and tasty dinners cooked on the spot. Overall it has been a highly recommended adventure we hope all mountain lovers will choose to experience"!!

Flavia Cusaro,Simone Ciampi/ June 28,2021


We will stay with the villagers or locally-run Eco-friendly guesthouses. Visiting Tibetan black pottery making, carpet weaving, incense making,

wood carving, Thangka painting, these arts, and techniques are preserved very well here.


The highlight of all is Derge Parkhang Chemo (the Great Derge Print House). This world-biggest traditional printing house and library using over million wooden blocks, has produced and is still producing numerous Tibetan texts of religions, philosophy, astronomy, medicine, and history.


Foods are local. We will have Tibetan and Chinese meals for most of the trip. On the camping day, we’ll prepare continental foods, coffee, and tea. Complimentary imported wine and Tibetan yak cheese are prepared for the evenings. So, your holiday week will be spent in the less traveled Kham valleys and mountains of eastern Tibet, with stunning views and vibrant culture.


Trip itinerary


Day 01 – The City of Chengdu 

  • Highlights: Meet your tour guides; historic tea houses; and spicy Sichuan Chinese foods.

  • Approximate travel time: 1 HR

Day 02– Ya’an & Kangding, Historic Cities Connecting Mainland China
      & Tibetan Areas

  • Highlights: Experience spectacular natural views along with China’s famous Highway 318; sightseeing at a historic iron chain bridge across the longest river in Asia.

  • Approximate travel time: 6-7 HRS​

Day 03 – Palmo Snow Mountain & Minyak Tibetan Villages

  • Highlights: Visit Palmo Snow Mountain at sunrise; tour Tibetan religious sites & villages; picnic on Tibet’s famous grassland plains

  • Approximate travel time: 3-4 HRS

Day 04 – Wela Nunnery & Pilgrimage Walk

  • Highlights: Explore Tibetan Buddhist temples and Khampa villages; join a meditative Kora walk with local pilgrims

  • Approximate travel time: 1-2 HRS

Day 05 – Southern Kham’s Rocky Peaks & Narrow Gorges

  • Highlights: Discover breathtaking views of the Kham Region’s gorges, forests, and grasslands; interact with Mani Gango nomads

  • Approximate travel time: 1-2 HRS


Day 06 – Derge Printing house, Tibetan Market-Zongsar village.

  • Highlights: Tour a historic printing house; experience Tibetan street food & an open marketplace

  • Approximate travel time: 2 HR

Day 07 – Mesho – Tashi-Tang – Dupu Valley.

  •  Highlights: trekking, enjoying the view Gagu pass, remote retreat.

  • Approximate trekking time: 5-6 HRS

  • Average altitude: 4200m

Day 08 – Dupu Valley-Turuma pasture

  • Highlights: trekking, enjoy the view of Ngadra Gongri mountain, holy lake.

  • Approximate trekking time: 6-7 HRS

  • Average altitude: 4500m

Day 09 – Turuma pasture – Rongme Karmo Taktsang retreat – Gyalgong village-Derge Town.

  • Highlights: trekking, enjoying the view of Ngadra Gongri mountain, remote scared retreats.

  • Approximate trekking time: 7-8 HRS

  • Average altitude: 4300m

Day 10 – Derge – Mani Gango – Geser Airport.

  • Highlights: Rich nomadic lands, opened grassland. Picnics.

  • Approximate travel time: 3 HRS