What to Bring

The following list is meant to act as a guide. Not every item will be required by every traveler. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure of how useful any particular item may be for you.

  • passport with Chinese visa
  • sunscreen
  • hand sanitizer
  •  earplugs
  • water bottle (should be leak proof; you will use your water bottle to cool boiling water or to treat water if necessary)
  • warm sleeping bag
  • lock for luggage
  • small towel
  • bandana — (for dusty car rides, etc.)
  • backpack (for carrying personal items during the day such as wallet, camera, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • rain cover for backpack if trekking (a rain cover can be especially useful when traveling on dirty buses, or when your pack is on the roof of a bus in a rainstorm)
  •  feminine products (especially tampons–hard to find)
  • toiletries (especially dental floss & deodorant–hard to find)
  • any medications which you take regularly
  • camera, film, batteries, flash (if you like slide film or black & white film, this is very hard to find here)
  • digital camera + memory car
  •  flashlight + batteries/battery charger
  • adaptor for electronic products (such as mobile phone charger, laptop, etc.)
  • pocket knife (although keep in mind that knives are not allowed on trains in China)
  • supplemental food / snacks (chocolate is always nice)
  •  pocket Chinese/English or Tibetan/English dictionary and/or phrase book
  • journal, book to read
  • small gifts from your state or country (new friends enjoy having something from where you came from)
  • plastic slippers to wear in the shower (shower floors are not always clean) – this can be easily bought once you arrive
  • here chapstick with UV protection
  • lotion (this is a dry and arid environment)


Jacket (good for windy, rainy, and cold weather), thermal underwear shirts/long-sleeved shirts, jeans/trekking pants, underwear, warm socks, warm gloves, warm hat, good pair of sunglasses, good walking/hiking boots, outdoor sandals

Medical Kit Suggestions


  1. aspirin / pain reliever
  2. multivitamins
  3. calamine lotion, sunburn relief, aloe
  4. antiseptic (for cuts)
  5. anti-bacterial lotion / soap
  6. eye drops for dry or windy weather
  7. insect repellant
  8. moleskin (for blisters)
  9. bandages, band-aids, gauze
  10. antibiotics
  11. antihistamine (for allergies, itching, preventing motion sickness)
  12. diarrhea medicines, laxatives
  13. antibiotics for Traveler’s Diarrhea
  14. rehydration mixture / electrolyte replacement mixture
  15. altitude sickness medication (only one type of medicine is sold in China, called Hong Jing Tian; you may want to bring medicine from your home country if you have access to better medication there)
  16. motion sickness pills
  17. jet lag pills
  18. personal perscriptions