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Tibetan Places: The ancient Tibetan printing press of Derge

Quick Facts: Location: Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 1050 km west of the Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu Elevation: approx. 3300 m. above sea level Population: approx. 70,000 90% Tibetans Cultural Significance: Ancient printing house and trading center Must See: Printing house, ancient monasteries Derge printing press, or Derge Parkhang, is located at the site of one the 18 great Tibetan

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Religion in Tibet

The earliest Tibetan religion was a type of animistic tribal belief system. The elements (such as water, earth, wind, and fire) and certain mountain deities were worshipped and appeased with incense offerings. Special rock cairns strung with prayer flags would be conspicuously placed at high mountain peaks and passes to assure good fortune. The prayer

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