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Year of the Horse & the Great Sacred Mountains of Tibet

Tibetan Connections is offering specialized trips in 2014 to all of the great sacred mountains of Tibet. To book a trip or for more information on trip itineraries, please visit Journey to Mount Kailash and Amnye Machen Trek. 2014 is the year of the horse, occurring only once every 12 years.  This year is a  time when pilgrimage to holy

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Tibetan Places: Amnye Machen Mountain

Meaning:  ‘Amnye’ means ‘grandfather’ and is a respectful term for an elderly man.  ‘Machen’ means ‘large scar’. Location:  Golog Prefecture, Qinghai Elevation: 3600m. to 4700m. Cultural Significance:  It is one of the 25 most sacred sites of Tibet Must See:  Glaciers; gushing rivers; nomadic grassland pastures; and wild animal species found nowhere else on earth.

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