Nomad Camping

Kesum Nomad Camping Tour

Tibetan Nomad TentIf you wish to get a closer experience of being a nomad in Amdo, this trip is for you. You will camp at Kusum, the heartland of nomadic region, where Mongols live today as the majority who has kept the ways of nomads for thousand years. The best time for this trip is from May to late Sept.


Day 01: Xining-Rebkong, 170km, 3 HRS.
Drive from Xining to Rebkong (Chin: Tong Ren Xian). Rebkong is regarded as the cultural center of Amdo Tibetans and a home of traditional arts. Visit local artists’ houses and their spectacular Thangka paintings.

Day 02: Rebkong-Labrang,120, 3 HRS.
Drive from Rebkong to Labrang monastery via Ganjia Grasslands. You will see the largest Tibetan monastic academy in Amdo known as Labang Tashi Kyil.
Day 03-04: Camping, hiking, picnic.
Drive to Kusum and camp with Tibetan and Mongolian families, get a taste of traditional Tibetan and Mongolian lifestyle for 2 nights. While with the nomads, you will learn how to prepare nomads’ food, herd yaks, collect dung for the fire, and even try your luck and milk some of the large animals (!).
Day 05: Kesum-Xining,370km, 6-7 HRS.
Drive back to Xining. The end of being a nomad.

Amnye Machen Camping Tour

Amnye-Machen-for-A-6-1Fancy a few days of camping next to the tough people of Golok nomads? This 5-day trip is tailor-made for you. A unique place and distinctive group, Golok in Amdo proudly live in the most fascinating environment of Tibet. This trip covers one of the holiest mountains in Tibet – Mt. Amnye Machen, the Kyon-Gon Yellow River Canyon where one of the oldest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries – Rabgya Gonpa is located.
Day 01: Xining-Kokonur Lake-Chabcha, 210km, 5 HRS.
Meet your guide and driver at your hotel in Xining, and drive to Shala Pass where you see nomads pasturing their animals on the grassland, with a marvelous panoramic view of grand Lake Kokonor (Chin: Qing Hai Hu) meeting the crystal clear sky. Continue driving another 2 hours to Chabcha (Chin: Gong He) via Gonpa Soma monastery on the way. Stay over night in Chabcha.
Day 02: Chabcha-Tawu Zhulma, 380km, 7 HRS.
Drive to Tawu Zhulma (Chi: Xia Da Wu). This day you will drive from 3200m up to 4200m. Today’s drive is enriched with some of the most interesting nomad-inhabited areas of north-eastern Tibet. We will take breaks to soak in the wilderness, meet local nomads, get to know about nomadic culture and lifestyle, and enjoy the stunning views, as the Amnye Machen Range is start to appear. We will arrive in Tawu Zhulma in the early evening to camp overnight.
Day 03: Tawu Zhulma-Halong Chu,90km, 2 HRS.
Drive to Drakde La Pass (4600m) where you can get a close view of the one of the 13 peaks of Mountain Amnye Machen, one of the world 15 highest snow mountains and holiest destinations for pilgrims. Clear days offer stunning views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Then continually drive to Halong Chu River. Camp at the band of the river.
Day 04: Halong Chu-Machen, 110km 4 HRS.
Drive to Machen (Chin: Ma Qing Xian). You will pass Chukarna village (White Stupa), This is a small nomadic community. Meet the locals and explore alpine meadows full of spectacular and rare plant species. Keep driving out of the mountains and arrive at Machen in the evening.

Day 05: Machen-Rabgya-Xining 480km, 8HRS.
Along the way we will visit Rabgya Monastery by the river bank of Yellow river. One of the oldest and greatest Gelukpa monastic institutes in the region and home of over 1000 monks. It is the only sister monastery of the great Sera Monastery in Lhasa for religious study exchanges. You will go through some very narrow gorges and canyons — the Kyon-Gon Yellow Canyon where hermits found perfect places for retreats. Then, continually drive along the Yellow River back to Xining. Arrive in Xining in the evening. Tour ends.